4 Innovative Ideas To Make Your Website Stand Out in 2022

Your website offers fantastic potential for connecting with current clients, finding new customers, and driving excitement about upcoming events, new products, and fantastic opportunities for those who land themselves on your page! However, harnessing this potential takes innovation and creativity. Here are four fantastic ways you can take your website to the next level in 2022:

  1. Invite Your New Customers To Take A Tour

A website tour video is a unique way to show new clients around your website, and draw their attention to all your offerings! For example, 406 Strategic Communications created an online tour for You+ABA’s website, which you can watch on their homepage. The video explains not only the sections of the website, but how to subscribe, make purchases from the store, and upgrade your subscription.

2. Engage Current Clients With A Free Training

A free training can be a fantastic tool to explain your company’s goals to customers or offer helpful advice — and these trainings don’t have to be long! For example, 406 Strategic Communications has been working with the cybersecurity company, Illumant, to create training sessions under a minute that they can share with potential customers. 406 Strategic Communications has created longer form trainings for company’s as well, like an onboarding training for STRIVE’s new students in New York City and Atlanta. 406 Strategic Communications is able to create custom trainings in video format or use interactive training platforms, such as Articulate 360.

3. Share Exciting Updates In Your Company Blog

As we discussed in a previous blog post, blogs are an incredibly powerful tool for companies to connect with new customers and stay in touch with current clients. 406 Strategic Communications can help you come up with innovative blog post topics, choose top-notch keywords to get your posts noticed by search engines, and write engaging content tailored to your needs. We currently work with nationally recognized companies such as BetterHelp and Peerspace in creating engaging blog posts that consistently rank at the top of search engine results.

4. Show Of Your Success With Impressive Client Testimonials

You may be wondering, how are client testimonials innovative? Well, we’re not talking boring blurbs of a company saying you did a great job on a project. We’re inviting you to step it up a notch with client testimonial videos, articles about how your company solved pertinent issues for big-name clients, and punchy quotes about what your client loves about you. 406 Strategic Communication can make your company look great with top-of-the-line testimonial content, like the testimonial pages we created for Slate NYC.

For more information on how 406 Communications can help your company’s website stand out against the competition in 2022, schedule a free consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss these strategies and other ideas for boosting your web presence more in depth. We look forward to helping you reach your communications and PR goals!