What Is Strategic Communications?

Communicating is one thing— but reaching your business goals by using effective communication is another! At 406 Strategic Communications, we understand that building your business, reaching new clients, and increasing sales isn’t as easy as just throwing words at a wall and seeing what sticks. Your business needs communications strategies that have been proven effective through tried and true processes, data analyzation and years of experience. Here’s what strategic communications is and how working with a business consulting firm that specializes in strategic communications can help you reach your goals:

The Strategic Communications Process

One of the best ways to answer “what is strategic communications?” is to see the process in action! Building any strategy for success involves establishing clear, achievable goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals. Here’s how a strategic communication firm like 406 Strategic Communications helps clients establish and achieve their goals:

Establishing Clear Goals

First, our strategic communications firm works with clients in learning what their communications goals are. These goals are often sales based (such as increasing ROI), awareness based (such as increasing views to a business website) or behavior based (such as increasing a user’s interest in a topic or product). These goals are then honed using effective goal-setting concepts and tools for business consulting firms, like SMART goals.

Achieving Your Business Goals

Achieving your business goals with the help of a strategic communications firm involves using multiple communications tools. For example, all of your business communications shouldn’t just be in the form of blog posts. An effective communications plan involves reaching people through email, web content, videos, in-person and online trainings, social media, print materials and more. 406 Strategic Communications is able to help you create a broad communication strategy, or fill in the gaps where your communication strategy may currently be lacking.

Measuring Progress Through Data Analyzation

How do you know if you achieved your goals if you, or the business consulting firm you hired, isn’t measuring progress? Collecting and analyzing data is vital in finding out which communication strategies work best for your business and how to use them effectively! We suggest using data collection and analysis tools like:

Strategic Communications Experience You Can Trust

If you would like to learn more about strategic communications and how a strategic communications firm can help you to achieve your business goals, contact 406 Strategic Communications today! With 10+ years of communications experience in a variety of fields and industries, we feel confident that we will be able to work with you in achieving all your communication goals! Click here to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with our business consulting firm.