4 Types Of Marketing Services Offered By 406 Strategic Communications

Looking to grow your clientele base? Here are 4 types of communication services 406 Strategic Communications offers to boost your company’s visibility and return on investment (ROI):

  1. Communications Consulting And Contracting

406 Strategic Communications offers free consultations for all new clients so you can learn more about our marketing, contracting, and consulting services. During this consultation, we will discuss your marketing goals, as well. Then, we provide you with a quote within 48 hours of your consultation. This quote not only provides you with pricing but also includes a tailored plan for achieving your marketing goals. Here are a few of the services we may include in your tailored plan:

2. SEO Content Creation

One of the best ways to increase your ROI is through a corporate blog. In fact, Hubspot reports that marketers that prioritize blogging see 13-times the ROI of businesses that don’t. 406 Strategic Communication can help you to write thoughtful search engine optimized (SEO) content for your website. The content we create can improve your rankings on search engines like Google, ultimately bringing more business to your front door.

3. Audiovisual Content Development

According to the Content Marketing Institute, video will be the top investment for B2B brands in 2022. And for good reason. Audiovisual content is a great way to connect with potential clients, explain your products and software, and establish expertise. 406 Strategic Communications offers clients scriptwriting, videography, editing, and graphic creation services. This includes creating explainer videos to explain business software, creating infographics for social media campaigns and scriptwriting for PSAs.

4. Training Development and Implementation

Trainings are a fantastic tool for educating potential new customers and keeping current clients happy and in-the-know. This is especially true for B2B software, products, and services that require more than a little bit of intuition and common sense to figure out. 406 Strategic Communications assists companies with course creation services. This includes writing course content, developing visually appealing training material, building online trainings in Articulate, and even leading in-person trainings. Our course creation services can be billed on both an hourly or project basis.

To learn more about the audiovisual content development, SEO content creation, course creation services, and other marketing/contracting services offered by 406 Strategic Communications, click here.

If you are ready to schedule your free consultation, make an appointment here. We are looking forward to working with you in reaching your marketing goals!