4 Ways To Make Company Training Enjoyable For Your Employees

Rather than subjecting your employees to generic company training, make the learning experience more enjoyable with customized corporate training. Customizing corporate training for your employees will not only make the experience more enjoyable for your employees, it will also improve their retention of the important information you are presenting! Here are 4 ways to step up your company’s training programming:

A cookie cutter training is unlikely to truly meet the training needs of your employees. A customized corporate training can be crafted to convey only the relevant information your employees need to understand in order to complete their jobs effectively. During a free training consultation meeting, 406 Strategic Communications will ask insightful and provocative questions to better understand what points your company is most interested in conveying during training. After your consultation, 406 Strategic Communications will create a proposal of innovative ways to communicate these points to employees. 

2. Implement Interactive Lesson Plans to Meet Your Companies Training Goals

Most employees aren’t going to get much enjoyment out of attending a training where they are “talked at” for hours on end or asked to read slide after slide of text on an online training. Training will be much more effective when interactive lesson planning is considered. Customized corporate training exercises should include interactive elements such as reflections, discussion questions, polls, group activities, role plays and more. If you have specific interactive ideas for your training, let 406 Strategic Communications know so we can incorporate them into lesson plans. 

3. Develop Visually Appealing Workbook Content

Workbooks are a valuable tool for customized corporate training. They can help students follow along during a training, provide space to write down answers to questions posed during a session, and provide employees with a tool they can keep with them and reference back to long after the training has ended. However, in order to be effective, workbooks and other training materials should be visually appealing. Ask 406 Strategic Communications for samples of previous workbooks and training materials we created for clients to get an idea of how powerful creating these materials could be for your own customized corporate training. 

4. Present Training Material in Unique Ways 

Online slides and in person lectures are far from the only ways to present training material. A customized corporate training can include interactive online training software (such as Articulate), live virtual training sessions, in-person role plays, audience interaction apps (such as Slido), and online or in person discussions. Reach out to 406 Strategic Communications to learn more about which training materials may work best for your company’s specific needs.