A Guide To Company Introduction Videos

A website that’s full of text can quickly turn off potential clients. So how do you get all the information about your company's products and services across without overwhelming a potential customer? Add a company introduction video to your site!

What is a Company Video Introduction?

A video introduction is a short (1-2 minute) visual recording a company can add to their website and other platforms to familiarize potential clients with their services. A company introduction video should concisely summarize all the basic information you would like clients to know about your products and services. Additionally, these videos should be clearly scripted, well edited, and professionally presented. 

Why Should My Business Create a Company Video Introduction?

A video is a creative and interesting way to inform clients about your company and services. More importantly, a company video introduction is an incredibly effective SEO tool. According to WebFX, a website with a video is 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of Google results. Additionally, videos boost conversion rates. Oberlo found that 8 out of 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand video.

Where Can I Use A Company Video Introduction?

A company’s introduction video can be used far beyond a website homepage. In fact, according to WebFX, when you include a video on a landing page, it can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Additionally, company video introductions can be edited to be posted on social media sites, like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok to increase views and further brand awareness.  

Examples of Company Video Introductions

Whether your company offers products, services, or online tools— a company video introduction can be a worthwhile investment. Here are a few examples of how your company may be best served by a video introduction:

If you head to the Purple Mattress main page, one of the first things you’ll see is a video introduction to their product. Front and center, this video is hard to miss and easy to watch the whole way through. This video squeezes a great deal of pertinent information into just 30 seconds and is a great example of an effective company introduction video. 

2. Website Introduction Video

If your website offers a variety of products and services, you may want to create an introduction video of your website itself. This video will guide customers how to get the most out of the online services you offer. You can get a better idea of how this type of company introduction video works by viewing a video 406 Strategic Communications made for You + ABA. You can find the You + ABA website guide on the website’s main page, under “What We Do.”

3. Services Introduction Video

Company introduction videos aren’t just for companies offering products. Service-based companies can also benefit from introduction videos. For example, check out the introduction video for the services offered by 406 Strategic Communications:

How Do I Create A Company Video Introduction?

There are a few steps to creating a company video introduction. First, you will need to create a video script. This script should be concise yet informative. Then, you’ll want to decide what video elements you would like to cover the audio script. For example, would you like a video with graphics, screen recording of your website, a prominent person in your company speaking, footage of your product itself, or a mix of all these options? Next, you’ll need to hire a voice-over artist and video editor to put everything together. 

However, if you’d like an all-inclusive package, 406 Strategic Communications is able to bundle all these services into one package. We will create the script for your review, suggest video elements, provide voice-over options, and edit your video together with as much or as little involvement that you would like to have along the way.  

Ready to get started? Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with 406 Strategic Communications to discuss your vision for a company video introduction.