How Emulating These Corporate Blog Examples Can Boost Your SEO

All corporate blogs are not created equal — but what makes some corporate blogs better than others? These corporate blog examples offer tried and true strategies to boost your SEO and increase your online traffic and sales:  

When searching for answers or information online, readers will quickly tune out if you don’t answer their question concisely or quickly enough. Keeping your blog posts quick, clear, informative, and straight to the point can keep readers on your site engaged and coming back for more. 

One of the key strategies for keeping your posts punchy is to use informative and to-the-point titles with multiple subheadings and short and snappy chunks of text in each subheading. The corporate blog examples on Salesforce are a great model to follow to increase readership and boost SEO on your own corporate blog. Take specific note of how each blog title poses a specific question, each heading directly states what element of the question will be answered in that section, and the text under each subheading is short, direct, and informative. Perfect!

2. Hubspot: Share Truly Useful Information

According to HubSpot, their blog attracts over 4.5 million readers. So how do they do it? They invest a sizable amount of time and energy in finding out what people want to read about in order to effectively boost SEO. Hubspot publishes well over a dozen articles a month answering pertinent questions and taking deep dives into interesting topics. The corporate blog examples you’ll find on their website aren’t just shameless plugs to sell a service, it’s useful information — and that keeps people coming back for more. 

3. DesignRush: Make It Newsworthy

People are searching for the latest and greatest information on the internet. Keep your blog relevant by posting news stories that are relevant to your company. For example, check out the "Spotlight" blog from DesignRush that features news, interview, and trend stories to keep their viewers up-to-date on the latest digital trends. 

4. The Penny Hoarder: Establish Your Company As A “Go To” Source

The Penny Hoarder is an example of a company that has become a “go to” source of information in a particular field because of the quality of their blog content. In order to achieve similar results for your own company, you’ll want to follow these tips:  

Step 1:  Analyze the Competition

When you think of the product or service you sell, where do you think most people around the world go to find out more information about that topic or service? Consider the world leaders in your industry and take a look at the corporate blog examples on their website. What do you find and what can you learn from them?

Step 2: Learn From the Pros

You may not be able to compete on a worldwide scale with these larger companies— but we bet you can outcompete them at the local level. For example, if you work in finance, you may not be able to compete with The Penny Hoarder on a national scale, where they have established themselves as the “go to” source for financial information. However, take a look at their blog posts and see how you can tweak their content to make it more specifically focused for your niche or location.

Step 3: Become A Local "Go To" Source

Take a look at the corporate blog example on The Penny Hoarder entitled “How To Save For Retirement.” Now, imagine the people in your state searching for retirement information. Do you think they would click on a broad article like this or something more specific to them, such as “5 Strategies for Retirement Savings in Montana?” Taking ideas from “go to” sources in your industry and transforming them into your own, localized content is a great way to establish yourself online in a smaller market.  

4. MyFitnessPal: Capitalize on Niche Keywords

It may seem counterintuitive to shrink your market of interested readers when writing blog posts, however, by choosing niche keywords you may be able to soar straight to the top of the search results. 

That’s the tactic MyFitnessPal’s blog appears to employ with corporate blog examples like: “7 Creative Recipes to Use Frozen Fruit Under 390 Calories” and “This or That: Is a Cookie Healthier Than a Cocktail?” While there may not be that many people searching “frozen fruit under 390 calories” or “is a cookie healthier than a cocktail”--- there are similarly not many people writing blogs to answer that question. That means by including these keywords a few times in your post you’ll be able to easily soar to the top of the Google search results and easily gain the views of people who do ask these niche questions.

There may only be 200 people a month searching such a specific question but that’s still 200 new viewers you can fairly easily get your blog in front of each month! 

More Tips To Boost Your SEO

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