Leveraging Your Business’ Communication Strategy with CRM Software

Customer Resource Management (CRM) software offers helpful tools beyond the basics of managing your business’ contacts. In fact, CRM software can be an important element of a business communication strategy. Here is how you can leverage your business communication strategy with CRM software:

What Is CRM Software?

Customer Resource Management (CRM) software is a way to collect, organize, and reach out to your customers. At a base level, you can use CRM software to keep track of clients and their purchases. However, there are many other ways to use CRM software to grow your business and improve your communication flow with clients and potential clients. 

Using CRM Software for Email Marketing Campaigns 

An important part of your company’s communication strategy is how you plan to communicate with your customers and potential clients over email. Communicating with your clients via email is made easy through CRM softwares’ marketing automation services. 

Rather than drafting individual emails to customers, most CRM software offers the ability to create ‘workflows.’ These workflows are essentially an order of operations: if a client does X action, then they’ll automatically receive an email about Y. For example, if a client buys a product from your website, they will automatically receive a pre-written welcoming email with information about your business and what you offer. 

Building out workflows creates seamless communication with you and your customers. It’s also a great way to boost sales and improve ROI. 

Creating and Sending Newsletters with CRM Software

Most CRM software will include tools to help with the creation of daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters. Once you’ve used the software to create a great newsletter, you can choose the time and day to send out your newsletter and choose what contacts to send it to in your CRM software, as well. However, before you start creating your newsletters make sure you have a solid understanding of what your newsletter aims to achieve. By having information about newsletters in your communication strategy, you’ll ensure this content is valuable, relevant, and targeted to the correct audience. 

Reach New Clients Through CRM Software

If one of your strategic communications goals is to reach new clients, CRM software can absolutely help. Many CRM software companies offer onsite tools, like gated content, to entice new customers. Gated content requires potential clients to provide information, such as their email, in order to access specific information from your company. For example, you can set up a “gate” on your most read blog posts so viewers have to give you their email to read the full article. This can be a great jumping off point for future communications with potential clients! 

Tracking Your Communication Strategy’s Success Through CRM Software

CRM software can be quite useful in tracking the success of your company’s communication strategy! For example, through CRM software you can track how many customers are opening your emails, which links they are clicking on in your emails, which emails have the highest open rate. You can track helpful non-email related numbers too. For example, track online purchases and information about return clients so you can better tailor your communication strategies to your customers’ needs and interests. 

What CRM Software Should My Business Use?

The right CRM software for your business is dependent on a variety of factors such as the size of your business and what you are most interested in using CRM software for. 406 Strategic Communications created a comparison of three popular CRM software companies and the advantages and disadvantages of using each. Fill out the form below to receive your full CRM software comparison guide from 406 Strategic Communications.