Strategic Communications: Meeting Your Public Relations and Marketing Goals

Public relations and marketing are two unique fields with different goals. However, a savvy strategic communications firm can often combine public relations and marketing efforts for small businesses to reach all their communication goals. Here’s how it works:

Why Are Public Relations and Marketing Often Approached Separately?

Many companies either specialize in offering businesses public relations services or marketing services. It’s slightly more difficult to find a strategic communications firm that can meet both the public relations and marketing goals of a company. Why? Not many communications professionals have the skill set needed to achieve both. 

What Marketing Professionals Do:

Marketing professionals need a strong understanding of sales while public relations professionals often don’t have much of a background in sales at all. For example, a marketing professional will have plenty of ideas on how to boost revenues, increase return on investment (ROI), and reach new, prospective clients. 

What Public Relations Professionals Do:

On the other hand, a public relations professional may not even know what the term ROI means. That’s because they are focused on a company’s image— not its sales numbers. While marketing professionals have more time to try out different strategies and develop plans, public relations professionals often have to be quick on their feet. They are competent at wordsmithing content to avoid damaging a company’s reputation, skilled in developing strategies to overcome any negative press a company may face, and ready to provide succinct answers to employees, customers, and the media regarding any new developments at a company.

Are There Companies That Offer Public Relations and Marketing Services Together?

It is possible to hire a company that can meet both your public relations and marketing needs. That’s where strategic communications comes in! Strategic communications firms, like 406 Strategic Communications, are staffed by individuals with a strong understanding of a variety of disciplines that fall under the umbrella of communications. 

Why Hire A Strategic Communications Professional For Your Public Relations and Marketing Needs

Strategic communications consultants can be particularly helpful for smaller businesses who don’t have the budget to hire both a public relations and marketing consultant or don’t have the need for either a full-time public relations professional or a full-time marketing professional. Hiring a strategic communications specialist can also save a company from hiring a public relations professional on retainer because a strategic communications specialist can step into this role as needed, even if they are mainly providing marketing services to a company.

Start Meeting Your Public Relations and Marketing Goals 

If you’d like to meet your public relations and marketing goals in one fell swoop, contact 406 Strategic Communications. We can not only help you meet your public relations and marketing goals, we also offer a variety of other communications services! Learn about what we can offer your company with a free, 30 minute consultation.