Using Strategic Communication to Reach Your Small Business Saturday Sales Goals

On Small Business Saturday, how do you best communicate with customers in order to reach your sales goals? Strategically! Having a plan in place of how to reach your customers, hold their interest, and ultimately buy your product or service is the best way to ensure Small Business Saturday success. Here’s a few tips for how to use strategic communications to reach your Small Business Saturday goals. 

A great communication plan should include multiple different strategies to reach potential clients. For example, you don’t want to just post to your social media account about Small Business Saturday or only send out an email about the day’s events. 

Instead, think big. Create a blog post about what your business is offering on Small Business Saturday, post to your social media accounts, send out an email to current clients, and even reach out to local media letting them know about why your business would be a great feature for Small Business Saturday.

For more ideas on how to best market your business on Small Business Saturday, schedule a free consultation with 406 Strategic Communications.

2. Holding the Interest of Potential Clients on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday falls smack dab between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This means potential customers will be looking for great deals! In order to hold the interest of those who have seen your ads and outreach materials, you are going to need to offer great deals too. 

These should be your best deals of the year. If you can’t compete with the Black Friday pricing of big box stores, think of what you can offer that those stores can’t or don’t. For example, how about a free “mystery” gift bag for customers who spend over $100?

3. Sealing the Deal: Getting Customers to Buy on Small Business Saturday 

In order to seal the deal on purchases, it’s important to communicate some urgency to customers. Offer deals that will be available “today only” and communicate effectively how great of a deal you are actually offering! However, communicating your deals and offers effectively takes skill. 

That’s where 406 Strategic Communications comes in. We can help you construct powerful messaging for your Small Business Saturday campaigns for the best return on investment. Contact us for a free consultation on setting up your Small Business Saturday campaigns.