What’s A Press Kit and Why Does My Company Need One?

On the footer of many websites, you may notice a link for “press” or “media.” This link takes you to what’s known as a company’s press kit. While this link may seem buried or unimportant on a website, it’s an incredibly useful tool for businesses. So what’s a press kit, why is it so useful and does your company really need one? Read our press kit FAQ to find out:

What’s a Press Kit?

A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a one-stop-shop for the media to access important information about your business. Traditionally, press kits were printed materials, however, nowadays most press kits are digital and hosted on your company’s website.

What Materials Are Included in a Press Kit?

A good press kit will have all the answers to all the potential questions a member of the media may ask you about your company. For example, rather than a journalist reaching out to you and asking for a high resolution copy of your logo, they should be able to easily find items like this in your press kit. Press kits should also include company facts, branding materials, bios for important members of your company, press releases, videos of your products, interviews with your customers and staff, as well as updates on any awards or recognition your company has received.

What’s The Difference Between a Press Kit vs. Press Release?

A press release is one element of a press kit. A press kit includes a variety of information about your company, including any updates your company may have put out in the form of a press release. A press release is a document sent out to the media regarding any newsworthy updates that your company may have. That includes new product launches, technological innovations, large donations to local charities, public events your business may sponsor or host, and more.

Does My Company Need A Press Kit?

If you are asking the question ‘what’s a press kit’ we are going to hazard a guess that your company doesn’t have one. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! If your company is interested in growing earned media or earned content— a press kit is a must. Earned media is any material that publicizes your brand without you having to pay for it. By making information about your company easily accessible to the media, it may make them more likely to write content about your business. Additionally, if answers to questions about your company are easily accessible online, it saves employees from having to answer a mass amount of media questions when journalists do become interested in covering a story about your company.

If reaping the benefits of positive publicity without having to pay for it is something you are interested in, contact a strategic communications firm, like 406 Strategic Communications, to discuss creating your business’ press kit.

Should My Company Use An Electronic or Printed Press Kit?

While digital press kits are becoming a norm, it doesn’t hurt to have your press kits available in a variety of forms. For example, printed press kits can be helpful for refreshing yourself on company facts while at events. Alternatively, having a USB on hand with your business’ press kit can be helpful if you run into a journalist at a function and they request information about the company.

Why Are Press Kits Generally Only a Footnote at the Bottom of a Webpage?

While there is nothing wrong with the public reading through your press kit, that’s not the intended audience of your press kit. The most forward facing information on your website should be what you want the public and potential customers to view— not the media. Additionally, journalists know to look for press kits in the footer area of a website, making it an ideal location to include a “media” or “press” link.

How Do I Develop A Press Kit?

Hiring a business consulting firm can help you in the development of your press/media kit. 406 Strategic Communications is a strategic communications firm that can work with you to determine which materials should be included in your business’ press kit and assist you in developing the best language in your press kit materials to secure earned media. Additionally, 406 Strategic Communications can create audiovisual materials, as well as written materials, to showcase in your online press kit. To learn more about how 406 Strategic Communications can help you create a successful press kit, schedule a free consultation online.