Will Public Relations be Automated in 2023?

With the rise of AI and the addition of more public relations tools to the market, the field of public relations (PR) is changing. However, will public relations be automated in 2023? Here’s what you need to know about the automatization of public relations and how it affects the industry as a whole :

New public relation tools, including artificial intelligence (AI) tools, absolutely have the power to change the way public relations firms work. Additionally, these tools may automate certain public relations processes. 

For example, there are a variety of public relations tools already on the market. These tools do things like track data (like Google Analytics), automate marketing campaigns (like Mailchimp), and even produce basic content (like ChatGPT). 

2. Public Relations Tools Are Not Replacements For Public Relations Specialists

With these public relations tools available and even better ones likely on the horizon you may be wondering: are public relations specialists worried about losing their jobs to automation? 

No, in fact, they’re embracing automation! Why? Because public relations specialists realize the backbone of public relations is understanding people and how they think— something machines cannot do. 

While many PR tasks may be automated in the coming years, creative and critical thought will not be. For example, a machine won’t be able to “think like a reporter” to understand what a business needs to say to clinch an earned media segment. A tool cannot assist a public relations consultant with choosing moving quotes that an audience will identify with in a press release or video segment. Artificial intelligence cannot critically think through a PR emergency to reduce damage to a business’ brand. 

3. Public Relations Tools Free Up Public Relations Consultants’ Time

The purpose of this article is not to create competition between public relations tools vs public relations specialists. PR tools do unequivocally help PR professionals get creative tasks done faster and more efficiently. A more accurate representation of the relationship is that PR tools and PR specialists work as a team.

Without PR tools, PR professionals would have very little time to spend working creatively. In 2023, artificial intelligence is proving to be an incredibly valuable resource for PR specialists in order to free up time and focus on creative solutions. 

4. Find A Public Relations Firm That Works With the Latest Public Relations Tools

For a business to get the most out of their PR campaigns, communication endeavors, and marketing goals— they should work with a strategic communications firm that doesn’t shy away from using new tools and technology.   

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