5 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Your Business

Looking to give your business a online boost? These 5 digital marketing actions can assist in increasing clicks, driving sales, and improving return on investment:  

Digital Marketing Recommendations For Your Website

Often, the first place to look when aiming to improve your business’ online presence is your website. Here are a few specific digital marketing actions we recommend taking on your website:

406 Strategic Communications recommends two to three search engine optimized (SEO) blog posts per month to increase user engagement on your website. Each article should be written with a different keyword in mind. You can find information on a few different types of blog posts 406 Strategic Communications recommends adding to your website here

2. Create a Variety of Landing Pages

Landing pages are essentially “hidden” pages on your website that customers are redirected to when they click on your company’s advertisement or promotion. These pages don’t appear on your website’s navigation bar. Instead, a landing page would be a page you promote on Google, or even a link on your newsletter or social media post. 

Landing pages are crafted to increase conversions and always include a call to action. Landing pages are generally written to be SEO-friendly so they can be found by web searchers, even though they don’t appear on your website’s navigation bar. Additionally, landing pages assist a company in tracking how many visitors they are getting to their website from newsletters, advertising campaigns, and more. 

3. Revisit Your Website’s Main Content

Having easy to understand, punchy writing on your website can help convert viewers into customers. Additionally, rewriting your website pages to be more SEO-friendly can result in more clicks on your page. 406 Strategic Communications can take a look at your current website content, offer recommendations for improvements, and implement those improvements quickly and seamlessly. 

Other Digital Marketing Recommendations

There's more to digital marketing than just your website! Here are a few other digital marketing actions to consider beyond your own webpages:

4. Consider Your Social Media Presence

For many businesses, 406 Strategic Communications recommends posting to LinkedIn and Facebook daily. For others, Instagram and Pinterest may also be worth your time. 406 Strategic Communications can point you in the right direction for social media campaigns for your business during your free 30 minute consultation

While 406 Strategic Communications does offer some social media services (namely creating social media posts/graphics to go along with blog posts), we do not offer daily social media management services. If you would like a recommendation from 406 Strategic Communications for a Social Media Marketing Specialist, we would be happy to provide one!

5. Send Out Email Newsletters

Stay in touch with clients with a monthly email newsletter! 406 Strategic Communications generally recommends having links to blog posts, landing pages, and social media within the newsletter. A monthly theme for your blog posts and newsletter is another great way to let clients know about services you provide or current offerings that they aren’t aware of. 

406 Strategic Communications is a one-stop shop for all your communications needs. We are happy to assist your business in content writing needs, ranging from blog posts and landing pages to email newsletters. To learn more about how we can help your business grow, schedule a free 30 minute consultation.