Blogs For Businesses: 5 Innovative Blog Post Ideas for Your Company

When it comes to creating the best blogs for businesses, each blog post needs to be creative, relevant to the company, and search engine optimized. Here are a few ideas of blog posts for businesses that check all those boxes and can increase web traffic to a website:

  1. A Creative List of Ideas Blog Post

What products are generally used alongside your product or service? You can use this information to provide internet searchers with information about your product or service, along with information about other products and services they may also be interested in using. This doesn’t mean promoting the competition, but rather promoting your own company along with companies that compliment the services you offer.

For example, one of 406 Strategic Communications clients, Peerspace, connects people with event and production spaces around the United States. However, on their resources page, you’ll not only find information about what Peerspace does but other creative ideas that compliment their products! For instance, in this post written by 406 Strategic Communications, readers are given fun starry night themed ideas for their wedding. This post includes information about booking their themed venue through Peerspace and also features other fun ideas that aren’t Peerspace related.

2. A Blog Post That Answers A Frequently Asked Question

It’s great to have an FAQ page on your website but sometimes those commonly asked questions offer a more in-depth response! Specifically, “X vs Y” blog posts can have quite high search engine rankings. For example, 406 Strategic Communications has an FAQ blog post that answers the question: “What’s The Difference Between Public Relations (PR) and Strategic Communications?” For a blog post like this, you may want to use a question you already have a short answer for on your FAQ page or come up with a totally new question you would like to provide in-depth information about!

3. Busting Myths In A Blog Post

Blogs for businesses meets Mythbusters! If there are any misconceptions about your business, the field you work in, or the clients you work for, a blog post can be a great place to dispel any misinformation. Types of myths you might want to dispel about your company or product could include the misconception that a customer can complete a task just as well without your product or service, or that your product or service doesn’t apply to them. Another myth you might want to bust is misconceptions the public has about your customers. For example, 406 Strategic Communications wrote an article on the myths of substance use for BetterHelp, the largest online therapy platform.

4. A How-To Blog Post with Videos

If you’d like to explain how your product or services work to potential customers, a “how to” blog post complete with a video can be a great way to do so! Another great way to spruce up a “how to” blog post, or any blog post for that matter, is by including infographics. Using either of these methods ensures your content appeals to not only those who learn by reading but those who prefer to learn through audio and visual content, as well.

5. Feature A Holiday In Your Blog Post

Don’t think holidays pertain to blogs for businesses? You’d be surprised! Often, there are holidays or days of recognition that may relate to your business. For example, are there any employee appreciation days that relate to your business? How about ways your company gets involved with big holidays that you could highlight in a blog post? Another idea would be to combine the idea of a creative list blog post with a holiday blog post, like 406 Strategic Communications did for BetterHelp in this article with “7 Strategies To Improve Your Sleep For National Sleep Awareness Week.”

Learn More About Using Blogs For Businesses and Receive Additional Content Ideas

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