Easy and Effective Earned Media Examples to Promote Your Business

Earned media coverage is the publicity you gain without having to pay advertising dollars for it. The best way to get free media coverage is by generating enough of a buzz that your company becomes newsworthy for online news outlets, newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations. Here’s a few easy and effective earned media examples to attract the attention of news outlets near you:

The visible impact of a community volunteer project is a great way to attract earned media coverage. Volunteer related earned media examples include community art projects, hosting kids’ sports clinics, providing disaster relief, planting trees, or hosting a trash cleanup. 

To increase visibility and the likelihood of your volunteer event gaining earned media attention, consider inviting community participation in the volunteer event, highlight the impact your volunteer efforts will have on the community in a press release, and partner with notable nonprofits to add credibility.  

2. Host an Industry Panel Discussion

Is there a trending issue in your community that your company has expertise in? Hosting an industry panel discussion or offering up one of your company’s subject matter experts for media interviews is a great way to get your business’ name out there for topics of significant public interest. 

If you choose to host a panel, make sure to include a variety of diverse perspectives and consider collaborating with other respected institutions (like universities, think tanks or nonprofits). Additionally, if you co-host the panel discussion with a media outlet, this will guarantee coverage and increase visibility!  

3. Offer a Free Workshop or Class

Offering free information through workshops and classes is a great way to get a large number of potential clients interested in your services. For example, a health club may offer a free fitness class in a local park or a technology company may offer a “coding bootcamp” for beginners. Once you have buy-in from the public, start pitching your event to the media. If there is enough participation in your event, the media will likely want to cover it! 

4. Celebrate a Unique Event

What makes your business unique? Is there a special day of the year that celebrates this unique quality? For example, if you are a woman-owned business, an earned media example that may work well for your company is offering to do interviews with the media on National Women-Owned Business Day on the first Thursday in October. You can send out a press release detailing why your business is excited to be celebrating the day and how you can support the media in covering the event. 

Need Assistance Turning an Earned Media Example into a Reality? 

406 Strategic Communications can assist your business from turning an earned media idea into a successful reality. We will work with you to craft the perfect event, pitch it to the media, and secure public involvement. From brainstorming the best earned media ideas to writing the press releases and engaging with the press, we can do it all. Schedule a free consultation with 406 Strategic Communications to learn more.