How Communications Professionals Help You Reach Your Target Audience

Strategic communications services effectively combine public relations, corporate communications, media relations, and crisis communications services into one, inclusive package. By providing a deep breadth of services, a strategic communications firm can reach a variety of different audiences. 

Here is how 406 Strategic Communications assists businesses in communicating with clients, potential customers, the press, onlookers during a crisis, and internal team members:

The Press: Media Relations

A company that works effectively with the press can see increased sales, skyrocketing brand awareness, and improve a business’ reputation. However, if done incorrectly or with little thought, a company can see the complete inverse result. Here is what you need to know about working with the press and how a media relations consultant can help: 

What Are Media Relations Services?

Media relations services involve a variety of different tasks. A media relations specialist will assist a company in the creation of a press kit, arrange interviews and media tours, provide article monitoring services, conduct press briefings/press conferences, and write press releases. These tasks are incredibly important to ensure your company gets its message across correctly to the press and the subsequent press exposure is positive. 

Interview with national press during a wildfire in Texas, 2022

Why Does My Company Need A Media Relations Specialist?

Depending on the size of your company may not need to hire a full-time media relations specialist. Instead, it may be sufficient to work with a strategic communications firm, like 406 Strategic Communications, that can provide your company with media relations services as part of your communications package.

The Onlookers: Crisis Communications

Crisis communications in action

During a crisis, your customers, the media, and your employees will all be looking to your company to provide answers. They may see the crisis but have little information about what is actually going on. In order to provide consistent messaging and quell rumors, it’s vital that a crisis communications specialist steps in.

What Are Crisis Communications Services?

Crisis communications services involve guiding a company through an emergency, while keeping the business’ reputation and clients intact. As we discuss in a previous post on crisis communication services, this involves an immediate response, a well-thought out initial statement, consistent messaging, and rumor control. 

Why Does My Company Need A Crisis Communications Specialist?

Your company likely doesn’t need to hire a full-time crisis communications specialist. However, it is worthwhile contracting with a firm like 406 Strategic Communications that can provide both ongoing communications services as well as crisis communications services if they are ever needed. 

The Clients and Potential Customers: Public Relations

Unlike crisis communications, public relations is a strategic communications service that should be on-going in your company. Here are a few things you should know about public relations services:

What Are Public Relations Services?

Public relations services are the campaigns and strategies companies use to stay connected with clients and potential customers through both digital and traditional means. For example, PR campaigns can include goals like increasing social media presence or blog post views (digital) as well as creating in-person events to attract new customers and earned media (traditional).

Why Does My Company Need A Public Relations Specialist?

Consistent “good PR” can help your business grow name recognition, reputation, sales, and profits. Furthermore, if your company already has a solid reputation, it will likely be less affected by any potential crisis communications situations in the future. You can learn more about public relations services offered by 406 Strategic Communications as part of their communications packages here

The Internal Team: Corporate Communications

Training internal team members on company practices

When people hear “communications services”, they generally think about external communications. However, it’s important to consider your internal communications too! Here is what you need to know about corporate communications and how it is needed for a strong internal team: 

What Are Corporate Communications Services?

Corporate communications services include everything from corporate newsletters that keep employees apprised of company happenings to trainings for investors, stockholders, and employees. 

Why Does My Company Need A Corporate Communications Specialist?

A corporate communications specialist is a vital part of transparent and open communication within a company. While public relations firms will generally only provide external communications services, strategic communications firms, like 406 Strategic Communications, can also offer internal communications services. 406 Strategic Communications offers in-person and virtual training sessions for employees and can also provide internal newsletters, bulletins, and other services for companies. 

Reach All Your Audiences: Strategic Communications

If you are looking for a consultant or firm to help you with multiple aspects of your company’s communication strategy, reach out to 406 Strategic Communications. As a one-stop-shop for all your communications needs, we can provide public relations, media relations, corporate communications, and crisis communications services. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with us to learn more.