Why Your Business Needs A Corporate Blog

Blogs are no longer personal diaries shared with online friends. Blogs are a powerful business tool! Nearly one-third of all the websites in the world are blogs. And many of those 600 million blogs belong to businesses. Companies like LinkedIn, Etsy, Salesforce, IBM and many, many more all offer different types of corporate blogs on their website. Here’s a few key reasons as to why your business needs a blog:

Why Should My Business Start A Corporate Blog?

Wondering why your business needs a blog in the first place? For starters, your website popping up at the top of Google search results involves more than a few one time changes to your website. Often, you need to be consistently posting content to increase your visibility, improve your rankings and build your brand. That’s why a website blog can be a vital asset to your business.

How Does A Corporate Blog Increase Business?

One of the main goals of corporate blogs is to rank their website on search engines, like Google, for keyword searches. This practice is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For example, if you type into Google “what is optical character recognition?”, one of the first Google search results to pop up is an IBM blog post. By answering a unique question, you are driving traffic onto your website. And if you include a call to action in your blog post– you can increase metrics like your newsletter sign-ups, number of calls for quotes, interactions on your website and more.

What Type Of Content Should My Corporate Blog Focus On?

A corporate blog isn’t the place to share your vacation photos from Tahiti or express your feelings about current affairs. The content on your corporate blog should reflect the services you offer and the interest of your clients. For example, the posts on the 406 Strategic Communications website reflect the fact that we offer PR services such as audiovisual content creation, SEO content creation, and communications consulting and contracting.

Your blog posts should also include keywords that potential customers may type into their preferred search engine. For a company like 406 Strategic Communications, that means finding ways to incorporate terms like “PR firms near me” or “Montana-based PR firms” throughout a post. Plugins like Yoast SEO and paid subscriptions like SEMRush can help you find out what keywords you should target with your blog posts.

Can I Contract With Someone To Write Content For My Corporate Blog?

Yes. 406 Strategic Communications writes blog content for a variety of U.S. corporations, like Peerspace and BetterHelp. o learn more about our pricing for SEO corporate blog content, types of corporate blogs we write for, or for more information as to why your business needs a blog– schedule a free consultation today! We look forward to helping your business reach new clients and increase ROI with thoughtful and well-researched SEO content.