What's the Difference Between Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts?

Landing pages and blog posts are two types of written content you’ll find on a well-rounded corporate website. Read on to learn more about what both types of content are as well as the differences between landing pages vs. blog posts:

What’s a Corporate Blog?

A corporate blog aims to build awareness of your brand among customers, build client trust, and answer questions you frequently receive from clients and prospects. Additionally, a well written blog can skyrocket your company’s website to the top of search engine results for terms relevant to what your business offers. You can find ideas to help jumpstart your blog here

What’s a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone web page with the explicit purpose of converting readers into customers. A landing page contains information pertinent to a specific, targeted audience, with a strong call-to-action to move the conversion process along. Landing pages focus on customers who are ready to buy the product or service. Now, they are in search of a provider (that’s you). Your landing page needs to draw them in, convince them you offer what they need, and then seal the deal.  

Are There Similarities Between Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts?

Blog posts and landing pages do have some similarities. Both blog posts and landing pages contain search engine optimized (SEO) content with specific keywords to boost their rankings on search engines, like Google. Additionally, both blog posts and landing pages contain titles, headings, and subheadings (this can also help boost SEO).  

What Are the Main Differences Between Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts?

There are a few main differences between landing pages vs. blog posts. Firstly, their purposes are different. A landing page has a specific purpose: conversions. The purpose of a blog is much more broad and can include goals like increasing your rankings on search engines, improving communication with current clients, and building brand awareness. Here are a few other important differences between landing pages and blog posts you should know about:

Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts: Keywords

The keywords found in landing pages vs. blog posts are usually much different. A landing page’s keywords target people asking a search engine about where to find a specific service.  For example, a customer may type in “strategic communications services in Montana” and find a landing page from 406 Strategic Communications.  On the other hand, the keywords in a blog post are broader. For example, these posts may answer an individual question like, “what’s the difference between landing pages vs. blog posts?”  

Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts: Website Placement

Your blog should have a prominent spot on your website’s navigation menu and your posts should be easy to find and sort through. That’s because these are public facing posts meant to be read, learned from, and appreciated by current and prospective customers. On the other hand, landing pages are used solely for conversions and shouldn’t appear on your website’s navigation menu or be found by customers already on your website. Instead, you want these pages to appear solely in search results. 

Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts: How Often to Publish

To optimize your corporate blog, we recommend posting once a month at minimum. However, this isn’t the case for landing pages. Due to the fact that landing pages aren’t forward facing content, they can be posted in batches. We recommend a company start by publishing a batch of 5 or so landing pages with various long-tail keywords and see which ones perform best in search results. From there, more batches can be experimented with to target different groups of customers in different ways (think: different towns you market to, different services you offer, and even different ways people may refer to the services you offer). 

Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts: Increasing Sales

If sales are your goal, landing pages are your answer! A Hubspot study found businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generated seven times more leaves than businesses with only one to five landing pages. Is there such a thing as too many landing pages? It doesn’t appear so. The same hubspot study found 12 times as many leads for businesses with over 40 landing pages than businesses with only one to five landing pages.  

Creating Landing Pages for Your Website

If creating dozens of landing pages for your website sounds overwhelming– let the professional’s help! 406 Strategic Communications assists companies around the U.S. in crafting effective landing pages that increase lead generation and sales. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with 406 Strategic Communications to learn more about our landing page and blog post services.